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Terms & Condition

Guidelines for Engaging with Chachi Store

Welcome to our website, Chachi Store, your premier online destination for fashion and accessories. This section is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions that govern the usage of our website, encompassing various aspects such as services, delivery, and creative content, collectively known as the 'Service.' By engaging with the services offered by Chachi Store, it is implied that you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms outlined in this agreement, irrespective of your registration status.

Service Usage Terms

For users under 18, parental or guardian consent is required for any transactions on our platform. Minors are discouraged from registering or providing personal information. We reserve the right to delete any accounts found to be operated by underage individuals. Contact us at to report underage accounts. Access our services through Facebook or Google registration, agreeing to their respective terms and policies.

User Account Guidelines
  • Users must not engage in illegal activities, including disclosing, distributing, or copying our services in any automated or non-automated manner. Users agree to follow Chachi Store's principles by refraining from modifying, updating, sharing, or publishing any information belonging to another user without proper authorization.

  • Users are prohibited from sharing any defamatory, blasphemous, harmful, misleading, or objectionable content. Additionally, sharing abusive, threatening, or rights-violating content is strictly forbidden.

  • Users must not attempt to gain access to pages or servers that are prohibited for their use.

  • Any activity that interferes with other users' experience on the website will be treated as illegal.

  • Users must not engage in any activities that infringe upon patent, copyright, or trademark rights. This includes refraining from reselling, counterfeiting, or selling stolen products under the name of Chachi Store.

  • Information provided during account creation must be accurate and not misleading.

  • Users must not share any information that poses a threat to our country's defense, security, unity, or friendly relations with other countries.

  • Chachi Store is not liable for users' actions or the actions of their Internet service providers or other suppliers.

  • Chachi Store cannot be used for any fraudulent activity that contradicts our terms, conditions, services, or company rules.

Communication Platforms
  • Our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, blog) allow idea exchange through comments and user-generated content. By engaging, you agree to our terms, including no harm to others' reputation and truthful account information. We discourage anonymous posts.

  • Users are liable for their content. We don't endorse their views and aren't responsible for any consequences.

  • We reserve the right to remove slanderous, blasphemous, or malicious content from our channels.

  • Prohibited methods include deep-linking, scraping, and robot monitoring. Hacking or password mining is strictly prohibited.

  • We reserve the right to exchange and return policies. Fabric appearance may differ from online depiction. Visit 'Returns and Exchange' for details.

  • Designs and content are our creative property and should not be reproduced without consent.

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